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I can't disable 'Use only 2G networks'

The mobile network setting 'Use only 2G networks' keeps on re-activating itself. Is this because of specifics of my provider ? How can I make the tablet accept 3G networks ?
Response from the site administrator
portable, 28.05.2011
I have checked on my tablet here without a SIM card installed. I can't turn off the 'Use only 2G networks' either. However, if I put in a SIM card (enter the APN), I can connect to the 3G network, i.e. the notification bar shows a 3G icon. Even though the "'Use only 2G networks'" button is still ticked. Obviously, the tick isn't working properly, it is a software issue, nothing to do with your network or SIM card. Will try to fix it ASAP in the next firmware.
Diego, 28.05.2011, 19:13
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Lock screen disconnects 3G & WiFi, breaks email notifications

If the tablet is locked via the power button, then existing 3G or WiFi connections are terminated. Consequently, background processes such as periodic email checking (polling) will not find a connection and fail. The connection will be...
Response from the site administrator
portable, 24.06.2011
For the WIFI, when the screen turns off, it is purposely programmed to cut off the WIFI connection to save power. There is a setting to change this but it does not work and has been disabled. About the 3G also disconnected when screen is off, this is indeed a problem. We will investigate and try to make the change. Thanks
diego, 23.06.2011, 23:33
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Gigabit Gargoyle Wi-Fi Router

At midnight the router started dropping in and out repeatedly. This on-off cycle has continued all day and anything I have tried has not worked. The internet connection is fine as I have no issues when I connect directly to the PC. The...
Colin Cook, 15.03.2018, 21:38
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Compass not working with any compass application

Regardless of what compass application is used, the direction does not update when turning the tablet. It looks like the compass was generally not working.
Response from the site administrator
portable, 17.06.2011
The unit you have purchased is one of our early production samples which does not have the compass sensor installed. Future models may have compass sensor installed. Please feel free to let us know if you notice other issues on the tablet.
Diego, 27.05.2011, 00:08
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Loose item inside causing damage ?

If I move the Gen-E tablet, then I can feel something loose moving inside. What is it ? Will it cause defect contacts after a while ? It also seems to lower the sensitivity of the accelerometer, for example when switching between portrait and...
Response from the site administrator
portable, 06.06.2011
The loose item inside is actually the battery itself. Normally it should have been taped to something so that it doesn't move. We don't expect it to cause any damage from the movement. I can open it and tape the battery for you if you like.
Diego, 06.06.2011, 22:14
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Where can I download the USB drivers ?

Where can I download the USB drivers for the Gen-E tab ?
Response from the site administrator
portable, 11.07.2011
Use the USB driver in the Android SDK.
Diego, 10.07.2011, 21:54
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How can the default camera be set to back ?

Many applications do not allow to switch between front and back camera. The current default seems to be the front camera, which makes all the 'augmented reality' apps useless. Is there a way to switch the tablet's default camera to back ?
Response from the site administrator
portable, 08.07.2011
Please update your firmware to ver 1.8.11. To change the default camera that your application uses, open the default camera application, switch it to the camera you want your application to open by default and close the default camera application. When you open other application, it will now uses the camera you have just selected as the default.
diego, 02.07.2011, 18:27
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av out not working on pmp400

rebecca w, 05.03.2012, 05:17