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I can't disable 'Use only 2G networks'

The mobile network setting 'Use only 2G networks' keeps on re-activating itself. Is this because of specifics of my provider ? How can I make the tablet accept 3G networks ?

Diego , 28.05.2011, 19:13
Response from the site administrator
portable, 28.05.2011
I have checked on my tablet here without a SIM card installed. I can't turn off the 'Use only 2G networks' either. However, if I put in a SIM card (enter the APN), I can connect to the 3G network, i.e. the notification bar shows a 3G icon. Even though the "'Use only 2G networks'" button is still ticked. Obviously, the tick isn't working properly, it is a software issue, nothing to do with your network or SIM card. Will try to fix it ASAP in the next firmware.
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