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Lock screen disconnects 3G & WiFi, breaks email notifications

If the tablet is locked via the power button, then existing 3G or WiFi connections are terminated. Consequently, background processes such as periodic email checking (polling) will not find a connection and fail. The connection will be re-established when the screen is unlocked, but until then, no emails can be received.

diego , 23.06.2011, 23:33
Response from the site administrator
portable, 24.06.2011
For the WIFI, when the screen turns off, it is purposely programmed to cut off the WIFI connection to save power. There is a setting to change this but it does not work and has been disabled. About the 3G also disconnected when screen is off, this is indeed a problem. We will investigate and try to make the change. Thanks
Idea status: under consideration


diego, 02.07.2011, 17:48
Great, thanks. Will the setting for the WiFi be working in the next update as well ?
portable, 02.07.2011, 18:02
not sure yet.....

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